Place to submit YABS results

Since I have some downtime right now and wanted to learn the new Laravel tools, I decided to try working on a place to submit YABS results. I've just started, so not all of the filter toggles are listed on the sidebar and the ones that are there aren't yet hitting the server and refreshing the list when you click the checkboxes. They are correctly populating the options and counts based on what's in the database though. The select columns list does work.

If you have useful feedback for the direction this should head, it would be appreciated. The eventual goal is to have a textarea that you can just paste the YABS output into and it'll populate most of the details.

I don't intend for the finished thing to be a lavender hellscape. I'll worry about the colors at the end. Also, things totally aren't sized for mobile yet. That'll come too if it makes sense to do so.

It's up at


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