| NL | HP DL320e G8 | 8GB RAM | 2 x 120GB SSD + 2 x 2TB SATA | €66.40/month

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NFOrce is a Netherlands-based hosting provider that offers a complete range of online solutions from dedicated servers, colocation, cloud hosting (VPS), to shared web and email hosting. We believe that every customer deserves an exceptional support experience no matter if they rent 100 dedicated servers or one simple web hosting.

Today we offer you HP DL320e G8 dedicated server:

Chassis: HP DL320e G8
Processors: 1x Intel E3-1270v2 (3.5-3.9Ghz, 4C/8T)
Memory: 8 GB
Storage: 2x 120 GB SSD + 2x 2 TB SATA
Power Supply Unit(s): Single (1x UPS feed)
External Uplink: 1x 1 Gbps
IPv4 Addresses: 1x Single Addresses
Incoming Bandwidth: Unmetered
Outgoing Bandwidth: 10 TB included (class 2 - premium)

Now €66.40/month (excl. VAT)
One-time setup fee €50.00

You can find more details about this server at or about other special server offers at

The following conditions apply to all orders:

Only valid when a confirmed payment is received within 24 hours after order confirmation.
Setup within 48 hours after confirmed payment.
Hardware configuration is set; no further changes can be made to this configuration.
No further discounts apply to this configuration.
This offer is available for a limited time.
Other hardware configurations are available by using our custom server builder located at the following link:

Company information:
NFOrce Entertainment B.V.
Postbus 1142
4700 BC Roosendaal
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce: 20110430

Order and Questions:
Prices are excluding EU applicable VAT, customers outside the EU and registered companies in the EU do not pay VAT.

Payment methods:
Paypal, Skrill, Wiretransfer, Mastercard, VISA, Maestro, American Express, Bitcoin

NFOrce Entertainment B.V.
Postbus 1142
4700 BC Roosendaal
T. +31 20 6919299
F. +31 20 6919409
E. [email protected]


  • BlaZeBlaZe Hosting ProviderOG

    One of the best NL based provider with premium quality network. They have been rock solid since I used them first in early 2010s

    Quality comes at a price!

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  • wow a legend here, nice =)

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