'Crypto king', 23-year-old stealing $30M

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Very interesting news that caught my eye these days.

Some 23 year old guy that had his 'investing crypto company' has stolen/made go missing around $30M from his investors.

So far they could only seize him two McLarens, two BMWs and a Lamborghini, just a few of the $2 million worth seized from $30M.

Article: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/luxury-cars-seized-crypto-king-investors-try-recoup-millions-1.6583982

Seems it looked easy for him to steal and live as a king.

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  • No pity for the people who lost their money. They invested with a poorly dressed kid probably under illusions of unrealistic returns instead of just going to a bank/Accredited institution for an average return. Their greed did them in and now they suffer as deserved.

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  • There is a saying:
    "You can't cheat an honest man."

    @AlwaysSkint - please (auto)correct if I got that wrong. :)

    A vast majority of frauds are based on exploiting the human greed.

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    Why do young kids with lots of money always spend it in the most predictable and gaudy ways?

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  • ehabehab Content Writer
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    @MannDude said:
    Why do young kids with lots of money always spend it in the most predictable and gaudy ways?

    because parents can't/didn't provide.
    because thats what they get fed from tv/social
    because money itches
    easy come / easy go

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    ^ There's quite a bit of truth in all that. A little "Jackanory" (story) - one @bikegremlin might appreciate:
    Having never setup 3x6/7 derailleurs before - as I only could afford 3-speed Sturmey-Archer as a kid - I (unusually) watched a Youtube on some 'expert' doing it, skipping to relevant parts, of course. [Too many gobshites in this World.]
    I was appalled at the wastage, when he casually snipped the control cables in half, to be replaced with new ones.
    I carefully cut off the crimped cable ends, straightened the cable as best I could and drew out the existing cable. Running some WD-40 lube through my fingers along the length of the cable, removed most of the little rust that had built up. It was a little bit fiddly threading the now cleaned up but slightly kinked cable back through the outer sections but achievable without too much swearing.
    How much money did I save? About $4 (current crap exchange rate). What else did I save? I didn't throw out a perfectly functional item.

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    lowendinfo.com had no interest.

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