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I'm using Grafana + Prometheus + Node Exporter with Node Exporter Full Dashboard and would like to remove an old host from Grafana Dashboard.

Whenever I delete a series, the data is removed from Prometheus but in the Grafana Dashboard, the host remains there.

These are the commands I use:

curl -s -X POST -g 'http://localhost:9090/api/v1/admin/tsdb/delete_series?match[]={instance="my.instance.tld:9100",job="job_name"}'
curl -s -X POST -g 'http://localhost:9090/api/v1/admin/tsdb/clean_tombstones'

How can I remove the host from Grafana Dashboard?



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    Without knowing your config, I'm guessing the dashboard populates the host field with a variable.
    Check the settings for the dashboard to see how it generates those variables, my guess is that it's trough a Prometheus query and that the host still exists in the database.
    Or you simply have not updated the variable after removing the host from Prometheus, there is a button for it in the dashboard variables settings.

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    Unless you hardcoded hosts in the Grafana dashboard, it's most likely still living somewhere in Prometheus.

    Perhaps you forgot to disable the job for that host and it's still scraping?

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    I'm testing Grafana, just added a new target and after an hour, I removed from Prometheus configuration.

    I'm using the default Prometheus configuration.

  • if someone is interested, it looks like the only way to do this is to wait up to the retention period (15 days by default)
    After removing the instance, I forced two hours and the host was purged from Prometheus.

    If you need to configure retention to a value other than 15d, you'll need to set --storage.tsdb.retention.time in the system's service on ExecStart

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