Are your systems moving due to regional pricing?

A number of providers, particularly those based in Europe have increased or plan to increase hosting-related prices (e.g., OVH, Hetzner, Contabo), which have been largely attributed to energy costs, inflationary pressures, and the longer term economic outlook. I assume this is not news to practically everyone here.

Some price increases have occurred elsewhere in the world, but it appears to a much lesser degree than in Europe, at least in the low-end market from what I've seen. As a result, are you looking elsewhere to host or to build out your network as a result?

I'm interested in hearing from anyone here, provider or consumer, that has moved, is moving, considering moving, or looking to limit or expand service based on current regional price differences.

Regional pricing effects
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    I have around 40 VPSes hosted with 19 providers right this moment. Mostly in the EU with few exceptions in the US. So far none of my VPS providers increased prices.
    In case things go really badly with several of them in the future I will simply consolidate stuff I host and cancel some to scale down cost, but I am not moving away to the other locations/hosts. I am where I like to be.

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  • I have a lot of infra in the EU currently. I'm consolidating a lot of that to the US and moving a lot of my VPS workloads onto dedicated servers. Most of my dedicated servers are on 1 year contracts so I should hopefully be safe from price hikes for a little while at least.

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  • The push-ups delivery network has global presence.
    Today, there are 8 nodes from 6 providers, with a total cost of $136 per year.

    Deleting all nodes in a region would reduce performance greatly.
    Deleting some nodes is possible and wouldn't cause too much problems.

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    NVMe2G for life!
    You can also consider Webhosting24 or LevelOne or Spartan. (paid links)

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    I keep trying not to do so as I am aware of the reasons and most of my locations are selected long-term and for a reason (which never is the price alone).
    But in certain cases it is hard to resist moving services, for example when myLoc (Dusseldorf, Germany) increases their prices on existing contracts by 44% within one year, while OVH (Limburg, Germany) just a few kilometers and barely a millisecond away only slightly increases by 7%.
    Of course it motivates to consolidate and cancel unsued servers. But for productive and well working services with good quality I try avoiding any changes.

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