2vCPU/3GB/30GB - OVH, Budget 5$

I'm looking for VPS at OVH, specs as follow 2vCPU, RAM 3GB, 30GB Space NVMe, OVH datacenter. Budget: 5$/month

Any good deals still in stock now? Thanks!


  • @MikeA I think uses ovh for some locations?

    He's pretty cheap aswell - it's around that price

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  • Also recommend @MikeA if you want a solid OVH reseller, though probably double check the location you're after is actually on OVH before buying

  • ehabehab Content Writer

    i think he already said its below profit for him.

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  • Indeed, on OGF:

    @MikeA said:
    Too cheap. $2 for IP leaves $3 for the server he wants, that's 3GB RAM, 30GB NVMe for $3. Not nearly feasible on OVH hardware now days.

    If anything, people selling service on OVH cheaper will eventually raise prices to be similar to most VPS providers (ex; my base pricing)

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