Request: Smol Italian VPS

This will be used as a router to connect all my services in Italy that have a dynamic non-public ip.
No ram/cpu/storage requirements (this could probably run off a NAT vps), i will use an Alpine/openwrt image with just wireguard and haproxy installed.

Location: Milan, Italy (ideally in MIX-IT)
Monthly traffic: i will use much less than 1TB/mo
Bandwidth: 1gbit, 10gbit preferred, will just burst it once in a while if i run backups
IP: IPv4, IPv6 (non negotiable)
Price: 1~2€/mo. All the offers i've seen around go well over 2.5€/mo and have ram/cpu i don't need.

Willing to spend more if this is gonna be able to replace the 2gb RAM machine i have in UK for hosting.

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