Help me to understand how hetzner invoicing works

Guys, can you help me with understanding how hetzner generates invoices?

What I have:
1. Server in robot with "Maturity" row with date 01/11/2022. When I mouse-over date I see "This server is invoiced to 01/11/2022".
2. PDF invoice I got on 5th of the month. So 05/11/2022 I should pay for next month (november in my case).

If I want to transfer this server to other person I should:
1. Transfer before 01/11/2022 (maturity date, literally today)
2. Transfer before new invoice generated 05/11 (so I still have 31.10-04.11) ?

Thanks in advance.


  • alentoalento Hosting ProviderOGServices Provider

    From what I can tell Hetzner bills post paid, sort of. November 1 is the end of the billing period and you'll be invoiced on Nov 5.

    I can only speculate, but since their services are hourly billed I don't believe it really matters when you do the transfer.
    I suspect that you'll be billed up until what ever time the transfer happens. But I do not really know.

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