Should I move to netcup?

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Does anyone happen to have a recent netcup RS 8000 G9.5 yabs?

Do you know if they can provide custom packages, i.e. 128gb ram + a few dedicated cores more?

I have a hetzner ax101 and I'm thinking if replacing it with a netcup root server is a good idea, considering cost cutting without sacrificing too much performance.

Needs: From time to time, hammering the IO on at least a couple of GB/sec or more, 1-2TB disk, hammering all cores, the more the better, and fast ram. I dont give much shit for the network.

I also saw php friends vServer XL SSD but I dont think they can get even near in terms of performance with their EPYC 7452

Any better idea, welcome. This is not mining btw.

-- oh and I need nested virt for some stupid vms that I run there



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    @iansss said:
    -- oh and I need nested virt for some stupid vms that I run there

    they charge per core.
    while their offers are tempting at first but then realize the power without the nested is like a pretty babe without personality.

    so stay where you are. and enjoy it.

    ps: if you have money then go with them.

    u can also buy me one for 1 year with the nested cores. #burp#

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  • @ehab said: they charge per core.

    Do they charge virt extentions per core and per month or one off? I couldnt find any reference on their site, or I missed it because it's in German.

  • ehabehab Content Writer

    per core and per month maybe was like +2€/m/core

  • Lol, it doesn't make any sense.

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