v6Node moves to Frankfurt! | EPYC 3rd GEN PREORDER | + Dedicated IPv4

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I've been planning to colocate for a few months now as the expansion possibilities are quite limited with Hetzner.

Eventually, the decision fell on Telehouse in Frankfurt, with AS47447 (23M) as the upstream provider.
I already placed an order for a Supermicro EPYC Gen3-based server and will order the remaining networking equipment during the next few days.

The location is excepted to go live in January 2023, possibly already this December.
This will also be the first location with full Dedicated IPv4 support :)
Ogden, US will follow soon.

Limited Preorder Offer

Early Bird 4GB

1 EPYC 7443P Core (Fair Share)
20GB NVMe PCIe Gen4
4 TB Traffic @ 10 Gbit/s
/64 IPv6 + 1 Dedicated IPv4
Telehouse Frankfurt, Germany
36€ /year recurring
Pre order

Early Bird 10GB

2 EPYC 7443P Cores (Fair Share)
60GB NVMe PCIe Gen4
8 TB Traffic @ 10 Gbit/s
/64 IPv6 + 1 Dedicated IPv4
Telehouse Frankfurt, Germany
72€ /year recurring
Pre order

Supermicro H12SSL-i
EPYC 7443P up to 4 GHz
256GB Crucial DDR4 ECC 3200Mhz
Storage: ZFS RAID NVMe PCIe Gen 4 (model is TBD)
Network: 2x10G (Public + Private)

Looking glass:
testfile: https://mirror.23m.com/speedtest/10G


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    Nice offer. Waiting for Bf though, hopefully the delivery date will be more accurate then. Is an upgrade to dedi cores planned?
    Difference to canvay.io again?

    And you should fix your legal info display.

  • iandkiandk Hosting ProviderOG

    Yea I should be able to give a more accurate delivery date during the next few weeks.
    Nodes with dedicated cores will be a separate product line, not sure if I can still integrate it in the next update

    Canvay is focused on pure webhosting, v6Node on virtual servers and at some point also dedicated servers

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