WordPress Dark mode and accessibility?

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Can anyone recommend a decent-quality plugin (they've used) that allows visitors to enable a dark mode on a site?

Preferably (ideally), it would also enable visually impaired people to navigate the site:

  • Navigating the site using the keyboard only (not everyone can see the mouse pointer).
  • Making any changes that help auto-readers work properly.
  • Increasing font size (I know there's an in-browser option to "zoom," so this would be a nice extra).

Google is full of "top X plugins" that are obviously written without any testing with a blind person. So rubbish. :(

It's now called "A11y," short for "Accessibility" (11 letters between the "A" and "y"). Lol. :)

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  • Usually those that are visually impaired use high-contrast [or a screen reader] rather than just dark mode from my personal experiences.

    That said I don't know off-hand of any plugins that fit your requirements but there is probably a combination of plugins out there that will do it.

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  • I had just build a WCAG2-compliant WordPress site for a client about 2 months back and I didn't use a single plugin mainly because they only focus on one or two accessibility-related configs (e.g. contrast & alts or arias & contrast). Ended up doing everything myself. If you are comfortable with the WordPress template structure, I would recommend doing it yourself rather than relying on these third-party plugins since every theme is structured differently and these plugins won't always know how to handle your site's layout and content.

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