Affinity V2 launch - Upgrade offer 40% off Photo, Designer, Publisher

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So, after 7(?!) years of free updates for existing clients, Serif launched Affinity v2 (Designer/Photo/Publisher) which will need to be re-purchased if you want that "upgrade". At the same time, v1 software will be discontinued, albeit you can continue using it for as long as you like.

The current launch offer from Serif gives you 40% discount on the individual licenses (photo/designer/publisher) or on their AIO "Universal" License which covers all their apps on all their platforms (Windows, Mac, iPad/iOS).

More info on v2:


Universal license is priced at 119€ here in Germany. Cheapest I could find is Egypt for ~82€ which almost is a steal for all their apps (on all platforms, if you need that). Individual apps (e.g. Designer) come to 40-50€ish, so Universal would be cheaper if you need all apps. The pricing is more than fair, yet there has been some outcry by people who purchased v1 less than a year ago and now don't receive unlimited updates as promised. Given that v1, however, lasted 7 years worth of updates (and you can continue using it) it could be assumed that they won't just release v3 one year later (making it more like a sub than a one-off purchase).
Still, I'm sure, many people will now wonder when v3 will appear and how long they will now receive updates, given that before it was assumed Affinity would just endlessly receive free updates. While I wouldn't really consider this a scam, since Serif has
created a great piece of software and has provided updates for a long time before upgrading to v2. The pricing is also more than fair considering Adobe's CC subs.

Personally, I still believe it's great software, but I don't think the new features (although they sound great) are worth upgrading for me just yet. The v1 software is running perfectly fine and has a great toolset available to it. Maybe some time when there's smth I actually need in v2, I'll check for upgrade options.

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