earn money by storage?

hello guys i have too many vps's with storage any idea to how can i earn from the vps's


  • Storj maybe

    Team push-ups!

  • typicalGtatypicalGta Hosting Provider

    If you have 1-2TB or more space then storj nodes would be the play otherwise if you don’t have as much storage then best to let them expire.

  • the limit is your imagination

    1. host pomf clone https://github.com/tsudoko/long-live-pomf/blob/master/long-live-pomf.md
    2. embed ads or payment bullshitery on it
    3. put them behind cloudflared
    4. shill it on LES
    5. ???
    6. profit
  • skorupionskorupion Hosting Provider

    Depends on location, amount and the speed of it. You could sell FTP storage for backup if it's cheap enough. If it's somewhere like in NL, you could sell storage in blocks for other people in NL that have some cheap VPS with a small amount of storage.

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