US & EU Web Hosting Discount - $1-2/m SPanel & DirectAdmin

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Hi all,

Sharing two discounts for ExtraVM web hosting in US (Dallas) and EU (Germany). US hosting runs SPanel and EU hosting runs DirectAdmin.

Europe Web Hosting (10GB -30GB NVMe Storage)
50% Off Recurring on any plan!
Code 9F1SJQ82ZI
$2/m~ or $24~/y

United States Web Hosting (5GB NVMe Storage)
$1.25/m or $12/y
No code, order link

Dallas Looking Glass -
Germany is Hetzner FSN - to ping

If you're interested in SPanel view screenshots here.

Normal plans and normal pricing:
US -
EU -
Singapore -

No discount for Singapore currently, maybe soon.

ExtraVM - High RAM Specials
Yours truly.


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