I have a few vps, all the same app stack (Rocky/Alma 8.X) with cache_pressure @ 50 and swappiness @ 1.

All except one are running with a few points of swap, or less except one which runs at about 63% swap and 48% ram usage. It is the busiest of all by far, but pretty lightly loaded (load average: 0.09, 0.21, 0.19).

Any suggestions to force more ram utilization?


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    whats cache_pressure?

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  • Not mine:

    Another related value that you might want to modify is the vfs_cache_pressure. This setting affects the storage of special filesystem metadata entries. Constantly reading and refreshing this information is generally very costly, so storing it on the cache for longer is excellent for your system's performance.

  • Sounds like something on the host node? KVM?

  • Ok hate to say this but we would need a lot more information before we could even begin to diagnose this issue. The differences in VPS, the Virt they use, whether it is Alma or Rocky, are you even running the same software, just as a starting point.

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  • Highly descriptive title, not. Thought someone was trying to swap VPS services!

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  • @AuroraZero is right, there is much more to it... and I would not want to get into any religious discussion about swap concept anyway...

    BUT ;-) ;-)

    I think you got the concept wrong with cache-pressure. keep in mind that cache won't be swapped but flushed (removed from memory)
    so if you now relax the pressure for flushing, the system will try to keep your cache but instead swap out allocated memory pages that are not cache earlier ...

    therefore low cache-pressure most likely does the opposite of what you want. keeping your important processes memory pages in real memory instead of swap.

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