Darkstar Sold!

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I am delighted to announce that our gorgeous Darkstar, the world's best Low End server, has been sold and transferred to one of her users.

Happily, Darkstar will continue to run Slackware64-current. Also, in a perfect example of the kindness and generosity which always has characterized Darkstar's users, her buyer suggested without being asked that I leave my user account and root privileges in place for free. As a courtesy, a few less active user accounts were backed up and then removed incident to the transfer.

I doubt that I will visit Darkstar often, but I know for sure that I will visit her from time to time. I will log in whenever I want to remember the greatest of good times that I always enjoyed within Darkstar's community. I send karmic thanks to Darkstar's buyer, and to all our Darkstar neighbors. You know who you are and what you did!

Right now I am looking for another dedicated server. Today I have two at Hetzner, and every day I want a third. Additionally, I definitely am interested in a US location, possibly near New York City or in the Southwest. But, enough talk of new servers for now. Tonight, I am remembering Darkstar!

Tom. 穆坦然. Not Oles. Happy 233 哈哈哈 New York City guy visiting Mexico! How is your 文言文?
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