Creative or Unusual WiFi SSID Names?

edited January 23 in General

Most of my neighbors still use the default SSIDs that came with their access points, but I do see a few creative names around me:

  • "Get your own WIFI"
  • "PayMeeeeee"
  • "SMITH HOUSE BABY" - Nearby neighbors are Smith, but their only child is starting college.
  • "Pumma da GOAT" - My best guess is they are a fan of fashion model Pumma Santiago, but that's a guess. (I assume that GOAT stands for "greatest of all time.")
  • (A local baseball star's name - well known in Major League Baseball) - It is almost certainly a fan, not the player's residence.

My hunch is that the people on LowEndSpirit have seen many strange and quirky WiFi access point names around them.



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