Looking for Cheap VPS/Hosting with WHMCS License


Looking for cheap VPS or Shared Hosting with internal WHMCS license. Some providers do provide WHMCS licenses for free for their reseller plan, but they are often too expresive. I know HostUS provides OpenVZ/KVM VPS starting $1.98/$4.35 per month and $9 per month for an internal WHMCS license.


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    I doubt you'll find anything under $9/month given that it's basically wholesale pricing.

    Assuming a host happens to have 101+ WHMCS licenses (which likely isn't the case), they would still have to pay $7.20/month per license to WHMCS. Assuming a host charges $9/month, after payment fees, it's basically no profit. It's also why you don't see WHMCS licenses included for free with VM's, because every host has to pay the $7.20/month per license rate.

    Blesta is a different story, Frantech includes Blesta licenses for free. If you are looking for a simple billing panel, Blesta is also a great option (in general). It does a lot of what WHMCS can, but it's a lot cheaper and even has source code that you can modify.

    For $8.95/month, SkyNetHosting includes a WHMCS license with their reseller plans (specifically the first tier):

    I don't really want to be blunt, but if you are starting a host but think that a $9/month license is too expensive, then don't. Although, I know there are a lot of use cases for WHMCS and you might be using it for something else.

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