[COLO REQUEST] Good DCs in Frankfurt am Main (or in Europe)

skorupionskorupion Services Provider
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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for something like this:

400W-450W peak power
2 power connectors
1 Gbps @ at least 10 TB (more is better and preferably unmetered)
/29 IPv4
/64 IPv6

If you have some good recommendations for DCs that I could contact please give them to me. If you are a provider please DM me.


  • iandkiandk Hosting ProviderOG

    Telehouse, Maincubes, Interwerk, First colo

    power will be very expensive im Germany, depending on the dc between 30ct -59ct per kWh.
    Telehouse charges me 59ct per kWh

    AMD EPYC / NVMe / 10GBPs KVM in Frankfurt - https://v6node.com
    Looking for an unbeatable AMD EPYC Baremetal Server in Frankfurt? Drop me a PM

  • frankfurt FTW!

  • Maincubes is nice, am present there and there's not much to complain about.

  • First Colo is nice, but has recently increased their power prices.

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