Help needed - new name for an app before open sourcing it

Before joining Brella (my current employer) I used to run a paid blogging platform called DynaBlogger. I am going to open source the app hopefully soon (want to change a few things first since it was originally designed to run in Kubernetes with specific things like cert-manager for custom domains' certificates and things like that), however I want to change the name because the app actually isn't limited to just blog.

It has full support for themes that allow you to easily and quickly edit any layout of partials or any other assets directly with its in browser theme editor, so it can be used to also create static websites (for now, but I plan to add a page builder later in the future). Therefore the name DynaBlogger isn't a good fit anymore really, and I would need some other name.

For example the marketing website I used when the app was a paid service (or what remains of it),, runs on this app, and as you can see it's a marketing site with some documentation pages, not a blog, while my blog is an example of blog. Both are running on the same platform.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a cool name that would fit this app, considering that it works great for blogs and static sites? Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

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