AuroraZero's Super Awesome Fun Time GiveAway

Hey peoples,

So as a part of the project I am currently working on I am going to be doing some free shared webhosting. Just for small sites to help people get into it and get things up and running. These accounts are not meant for full blown, big hit count sites but should be alright for low traffic, static, or even a blog that has low traffic.

I am giving out five accounts to start but I wish to see them used. Which means if you do not intend to use it please do not take one.

The package is:

1.5 GB Space
50 GB Bandwidth
2 Domains
10 Sub Domains
2 Databases
2 Emails

The server utilizes Debian 11, Mariadb, PHP 8.1, Apache with Nginx proxy, LetsEncrypt, PhpMyAdmin, it has an installer with WordPress is that is your fancy.

The server is located in Seattle.

Basically these are test runs to see how things will pan out, but hey it is a free account.

If you are interested letme know here and I shall PM login details.

This offer is exclusive to LES as I have stopped visiting the OGF.

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