Migrating MXroute Plan To Another Provider On The Same Server

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Due to recent events many people are hopping between MXroute resellers. A lot of them are facing the issue that their new reseller is using the same server as their old reseller, and their domain already exists.

Generally, I don't recommend going straight for a backup > delete > restore on new server technique just in case in the very unlikely circumstance it doesn't go to plan and you're left with no data.

Secondly, I don't recommend going straight to contact MXroute, they have their own customers to deal with and there's more you can try first.

The way I am getting around this at the moment is by renaming the domain on the old server so that it can be created on the new server, and then migrate the data in whichever way you wish.

You could backup the user data in your old MXroute reseller account, rename the domain, add the new domain on the new reseller account and then restore the backup.

To do this:

  1. Log in to your old MXroute reseller Directadmin account
  2. Go to "Advanced Features" > "Create/Restore Backups"
  3. Create a backup and download it from the "backups" directory.
  4. Go back to DirectAdmin and click "Domain Setup".
  5. Click the "Rename Domain" button.
  6. Select your old domain, enter your gibberish domain (olddomain.com1 or whatever) and click save.
  7. Log in to your new MXroute reseller DirectAdmin account and add your domain name.
  8. Open the File Manager and create the "backups" directory and upload the backup you generated.
  9. Restore the backup to the new MXroute reseller account from "Create/Restore Backups"
  10. Pray and Hope

Note: Not a downtime free method!
Note2: References to "reseller" mean somebody reselling, not "reseller" package.


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