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Hey there!

We wanted to use this thread in order to keep you up to date with our newest developments and get some feedback for our next features! :)


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    Migration to Frankfurt

    Last December, we began preparing our new location in Frankfurt am Main, which is intended to replace both Falkenstein and Nuremberg.
    The installation of our infrastructure and networking equipment went flawlessly, but we soon started experiencing issues with our network connection.

    It all started with occasional package loss, combined with lower than usual download/upload rates. We spent quite some time with our upstream provider (23M) to debug the issue, and thought we had solved it when they reported that the uplink we received to their core router seemed to be faulty. They assigned us a new port, and the issue disappeared.

    However, a few weeks later, we started to see the same issue again. This time, it occurred randomly, and sometimes affected the upload speed, and sometimes the download speed.

    Additionally, only some providers were affected. While testing with usual YABS iPerf3 targets, we sometimes saw results like 10-20 Mbit/s download to most providers, while still maintaining a solid 8 Gbit/s both ways to Novoserve.

    We can rule out our side as a potential issue since it works flawlessly when we obtain external transit via our recently deployed crossconnect. However, our upstream still refuses to admit any issues on their side. They informed us yesterday that they will stop investigating as they cannot find any problems on their end.

    This leaves us with two options which we are evaluating at the moment:

    Stay with our current provider but only obtain the rack space from them and build out our own network, using it exclusively
    Switch to a different facility where we would obtain rack space + transit and gradually build out our own network with a diverse upstream blend
    We will most likely choose option two, but we are still evaluating our options.

    I deeply apologize to all customers who have been affected by this situation, especially our preorder supporters.

    We had planned for potential issues, but we were not expecting anything like this. Some preorders have already been fulfilled during a phase where we believed the issue was resolved, while others are still pending.

    We can deploy the remaining preorders now, but we must warn you that the issue is still occurring randomly.

    We are working as hard as we can to resolve this as soon as possible.


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  • ehabehab Content Writer

    i have noticed network bursts and slowdowns.

    Thanks for the update thou. and I have mine deployed already few days ago.

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  • i didn't use v6 as my vps provider, but seeing these kind of write-up are fun. you can also partially learn the approach to solve a certain problem. having someone else giving feedback are just the bonus

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    Fuck this 24/7 internet spew of trivia and celebrity bullshit.

  • iandkiandk Hosting ProviderOG

    @ehab said:
    i have noticed network bursts and slowdowns.

    Thanks for the update thou. and I have mine deployed already few days ago.

    Yea it's a shame.
    But I am confident that we will sort this out in the coming days

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    moved it to the Industry News category.

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  • So that explain why it was so quiet from you lately - like last offer was December iirc?

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    Haven't bought a single service in VirMach Great Ryzen 2022 - 2023 Flash Sale.

  • iandkiandk Hosting ProviderOG

    Yea we’ve been busy troubleshooting most of the time.
    The few remaining hours went into the development of some upcoming features for the backend

    But I’m sure there’ll be another offer once this has been finally sorted out :)

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