Misaka.io Berlin Offer 60% off - 2GB NVMe KVM VPS for $44/yr

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Hey there! We've recently completed the network upgrade of our Berlin datacenter, and we're thrilled to offer you new discounts. Thank you for choosing us as your provider!


Please be aware that the offer is non-refundable. We understand that this might be a concern for some users, which is why we highly suggest testing our network before making a purchase. This way, you can ensure that our service is the right fit for your needs, and you can make an informed decision.


  • CPU: 1 vCore (Intel Skylake)
  • RAM: 2 GB DDR4 ECC
  • Disk: 32 GB RAID10 NVMe SSD
  • Data Transfer: 2 TB (highest of either your inbound traffic or your outbound traffic)
  • Uplink: 2 x 10Gbps

Use Coupon: BER2023MAR60OFF to get a 60% recurring discount for annual billing.

$110 / yr →$44 / yr (Higher plans are also available with this coupon.)

Order Here: https://app.misaka.io/iaas/vm/create/ber02/s2n-1c2g
You can find all available plans below:


Datacenter & Network Information

We own all the hardware and run our own network, AS917, here.

In addition, we offer first-class native IPv6 support, including /64 subnets and self-service PTR edit for every VM.

Datacenter Speedbone
Transit AS9002 RETN, AS3356 Lumen
Peering BCIX

Test IP: / 2a12:8d02:2100:1:5054:ff:fe7c:5f22

MTR: https://ping.sx/mtr?p=misaka-ber02

Speed test: https://wifiman.com/?server=06a20c81-61fb-4f0a-b621-1f7ba101f006

Here's a list of the typical latency to our network from different locations:

Local Eyeball Networks

  • AS680 DFN < 2ms
  • AS3209 Vodafone GmbH < 2ms
  • AS3320 Deutsche Telekom @ Berlin < 2ms
  • AS6805 O2 / Telefónica Germany < 2ms
  • AS8820 Colt < 2ms
  • AS8881 1&1 Versatel < 2ms
  • AS15366 DNS:NET Internet Service GmbH < 2ms
  • AS20880 PYUR / Tele Columbus < 2ms

Other Misaka.io Locations

It is important to note that the latency may vary during peak hours. However, we're constantly working to improve our network's performance whenever possible.

Important Notes:

  • Mailing Ports (25, 456, 587) are blocked by default and the restriction can be lifted case by case, please open a ticket to discuss.
  • There's NO GUARANTEE that our service can work with streaming services. Please do not open tickets regarding it.
  • We do not provide free IP replacement. For more details, please take a look at our IP Replacement Policy
  • For detailed terms and conditions, please check here

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  • Neat offer, superb provider, but passing as I have no need for Berlin. IMO Berlin only makes sense for certain edge cases where you need low latency in Berlin and the Eastern parts of Germany, everything else works better with Frankfurt or even Düsseldorf, no tangible latency benefit for neighboring countries like Poland or Czechia either at this point. Nevertheless, best of luck with the offer and hope to see more offers from more of your locations.

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