IPv6-enabled DA Shared Hosting Providers

I'm looking for a new Shared Hosting Provider to host a handful of small websites.

  • Direct Admin preferred (so I can just take a backup and restore)
  • 10 addon domains (unlimited preferred)
  • min. 2 GB storage. 5 GB preferred
  • SSH access
  • IPv6 support(*)
  • DNSSEC support
  • Let's Encrypt support
  • Cronjobs supported
  • the usual stuff... PHP, MySQL, FTPS...
  • Location: West Europe

(*) IPv6 must not be treated as a free, best-effort addon but with the same importance as IPv4. IPv6 addresses must not be added/changed/removed without prior notice.

Do you have any recommendations?

dnscry.pt - Public DNSCrypt resolvers hosted by LowEnd providers • Need a free NAT LXC? -> https://microlxc.net/

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