Transfer - Ryzen 5950X from VirMach, v6node

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I've got too many idlers so letting go of these two.

VPS 1 - VirMach Flash Sale

- 1x Ryzen 5950X
- 1GB RAM 
- 10GB NVMe
- 1x dedicated IPv4
- 1TB@1Gbps
- Miami, USA
- USD 7.49/yr

YABS: (GB5 900+)

Renewal: 26/12/2023
Asking Price: $10 ($7 + $3 transfer fee + PG fees if any) Transferred.
VirMach transfer will be performed with the Cancel Service button.
Overall Uptime has been 99.9875% - which is as good as it gets for VirMach.

VPS 2 - v6node BF Limited Special

- 1x Ryzen 5950X
- 1GB RAM 
- 10GB NVMe
- Shared IPv4 (on-demand ports from panel), IPv6 /64
- 4TB@1Gbps
- Falkeinstein, Germany
- EUR 10/yr

YABS: (GB5 1400+)

Renewal: 26/11/2023
Asking price: €17
(€7 + €10 transfer fee + PG fees if any)
v6node transfer will be done by raising a ticket.

Payment via UPI(preferred) and PayPal.
If the transfer fails to be complete due to reasons outside of the seller's control, the payment gateway transaction fee (if any) and provider billing service fee will be deducted from the refund.



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