[NEWS] Intel i219-LM Had Only Been Running At ~60% Of Maximum Speed Due To Linux Driver Bug

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Interesting reading about this today: https://www.phoronix.com/news/Intel-i219-LM-Linux-60p-Fix

I recognised the chipset name and when I checked my Hetzner box (i9-9900k), sure enough it had one of these. However, whenever I've done a YABS, I did get around 900Mbps, so not entirely sure what's going on here. I'm using debian 11 which has kernel 5.10.0, so in theory this regression should have been evident on my system.

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  • @ralf said: I did get around 900Mbps

    I think the regression is specific to when the port is operating at 10/100 Mbps and so if you're operating at Gigabit speeds, things should be fine. That's also the reason why I suspect this didn't get caught earlier. (I hope my reasoning is correct based on reading some fine print somewhere).

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