Postmark retiring new credit purchases as of July 1st

Hi there 👋,

We’re reaching out again with a reminder that we’ll be retiring the ability to purchase credits soon.

Moving to a monthly subscription before July 1st will avoid interruptions in your account. As a reminder, when your account runs out of credits, sending (and receiving) will be paused until you choose a subscription.

All that said, we’ve heard from a lot of folks that the 10,000 emails/month tier doesn’t make sense for their usage. And based on your account history, you might be thinking the same thing. While we don’t offer a subscription smaller than 10,000 emails/month, we have a couple options you might want to consider:

1️⃣ Pay $5/month for your first 6 months

Our smallest subscription tier is 10,000 emails/month. While we don’t offer a subscription smaller than 10,000 emails/month, we can offer the following:

We can enable legacy pricing on your account. This brings the cost of the 10,000 emails/month plan down to $10/month (from the current price of $15), which is a 30% discount.

On top of that, we can give you 50% off for six months, which makes the 10,000 emails/month plan $5/month for your first six months on a subscription.

Being on a subscription also means you’ll also have access to new features as we roll them out 🥳

If you still have a credits balance, don’t fret! When you switch to a subscription, we’ll “buy back” your unused credits and apply them as a credit to your account. You can see an estimate of the account credit you’ll receive in the Plans & Add-ons section.

If that’s something you’d like to do, reply to this email and we’ll set it up for your account.

2️⃣ Buy more credits before July 1st

As a reminder, July 1st is when we’re retiring the ability to purchase credits. You’ll no longer be able to buy them, but you can still redeem them.

You can “stock up” on credits before the July 1 deadline and continue to deplete those over time. When your credits run out, you’d need to switch to a subscription. However, we’ll no longer be able to honor the offers for legacy 2022 pricing or a 50% off discount after June 30, 2023.

An important note about auto-renew

Selecting auto-renew does not automatically choose a subscription for you. You’ll need to log into your account to choose a subscription before your credits run out.

Questions? You can read our FAQ here, or just reply to this email and we’ll get you answers.

— Rian, Head of Postmark

Just got this email. While I do understand that monthly subscription may be a better business decision than the legacy PAYG plan, and I was paying pennies with them so I may not be that much of a value, this decision sucks :(.
I guess it's time to move everything to MXroute and SES. It was good while it lasted.

If anyone still wants the legacy (PAYG) plan, you can stock up until the 30th of June.

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