NVMeNetworks has rebranded to XUVM.cloud

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NVMeNetworks (aka HostMyVM/Twistic Limited) has now rebranded to XUVM.cloud, run by Blake Sheppard this user has previously deadpooled a hosting service & has allegedly performed a carding scam in the past (see - https://lowendspirit.com/discussion/5622/attention-nvmenetworks-carding-scam-cancel-compromised-cc-s-and-paypal-subscriptions-immediately)

I received a strange email in my junk inbox as seen in the attached images below, which followed an oddly familiar template I had seen a couple times, when I inquired about why this random company was emailing me I received the attached response from the personal email address of Blake Sheppard.

The only other information I can find when googling this new company name is that it's registered in California with very vague information provided. When looking at the IP address the email was sent from it returns a geolocation in Turkey with the ISP listed as Limited Liability Company I.D.Strategy. It looks as if steps have been taken to ensure that Blake or his previous "businesses" were not associated with this new company.

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