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Hi LET members,

Hope all is well!

I am Ishan from Leapswitch Networks ( providing Cloud and Hosting since 2006! )

Presenting CloudJiffy - Simple, robust, reliable hosting solution based on containers that can automate your DevOps and reduce your time and efforts and at the same time reduce your hosting cost up to 75%.

How do we do this?
* Simple UI: No configurations required. Simply pick your stack and one of our 3 locations (India, Germany and the US) and the platform will set everything up for you.

  • Easy to set up CICD pipeline with zero downtime deployment options

  • Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling in real-time with no downtime.

  • Pay as you consume pricing options.

What other inbuilt features are available?

CloudJiffy’s primary goal is to reduce your efforts and make hosting easy. Hence we have integrated a variety of features with just a few clicks:

  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • FTP
  • File editor
  • Logs
  • Inbuilt monitoring system with alerts
  • Inbuilt Statistics of usage
  • One Click SSH in the browser
  • One click cloning
  • Configurable software firewall with each instance

How do you reduce cost?

From our experience, an average user uses only 25%-30% of the VPS instance that they purchase but pay for the complete plan. Which means they are also paying for the 70%-75% of unused resources.

We charge based on actual consumption on an hourly basis. You only pay for the resources you consume. So you only pay for the actual 25%- 30% you consume. If you stop your instances, we don’t charge you for compute resources - perfect for LET idlers!

Want a trial? Click here for 14 days free trial.

Watch a 2 minute video

Need a demo of the platform or Need more information? Schedule a call with us and get a $10 bonus to try us out.



  • is there any terraform plugin available on your platform?

    Fuck this 24/7 internet spew of trivia and celebrity bullshit.

  • leapswitchleapswitch Hosting Provider

    @Encoders said:
    is there any terraform plugin available on your platform?

    No, we currently do not have a terraform plugin. We have the Dashboard, CLI and API to create/manage containers. We also provide Kubernetes and Docker Engine/Swarm as a service where you can use Terraform.

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