One month with OnePoundEmail review

hey LESbians, welcome to this barely formatted review. I know you're into this kind of thing anyway.

My man onepoundemail got dirt cheap email hosting service, at that time I was looking for alternative from amazonSES for sending really not important email (mostly grafana alert stuff) so this one fit the bill.

I'll walk you trough on my experience using this service, first off i got yeeted with error when placing order so.. I got one more invoice for free.

alas, my order is complete, payment with paypal went smoothly. after my order is active I remember i have to put 2FA in my account. surprisingly enough I'm unable to do that since the member edit page doesn't work properly.

surely they will notice the page error from server side if there's 500 code right?. so I moved on into my email package, the log in menu doesn't throw me directly into directadmin using single click login, and it also works funny in modern web browser since they don't put https by default.

I'm also not sure where my domain or subdomain supposed to be pointed at which MX record, luckily it's available in their knowledge base.

after I'm able to log in, everything works as expected. even since day one the mail went trough flawlessly.

the uptime also great, hetrixtools says it has 99% uptime

To put in summary:
1. pros: it's not 7$
2. cons: it's not 7$

onepoundemail has a lot to work with. IMO they can put improvement in these area:

  • check 2fa setup page (or.. well, all of your pages) before selling the service
  • invoices doesn't seems to get automatically cancelled after n days, i don't mind it as it doesn't auto charge my paypal but some other people might do (just qol things)
  • web interface doesn't seems to use the same ssl certificate with for email. this can be seen one month ago and today, so it's kind of questionable for me, why would you micromanage such stuff?. If you're looking forward to grow big you have to drop these kind of tedious task
  • MX record information should be provided as clear as possible. I'm hoping it's placed in my client area dashboard to see my server uses which MX record, and then you put a link at there to direct user into knowledge base if they need more detailed information
  • single click login is great if it's possible, if your url doesn't point to port 443 I think it's wise just use https by default

If you ask me "Would you recommend onepoundemail service to others?", I have two answers:

  • Yes, provided i know they're familiar with directadmin and have at least some basic technical skill
  • No, if they're just average pleb that doesn't know what a http error code is

Onepoundemail is off to a great start, as all of their essential features function flawlessly and they offer competitive pricing. If they continue to enhance their service, I would definitely consider using them again for my future email hosting needs.

Fuck this 24/7 internet spew of trivia and celebrity bullshit.

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