Need a place to get cheap VPS, pay only for usage time

Like Hetzner, what are the places that give vps that can be paid only for the time used?

We need to be able to delete the VPS like hetzner whenever we want.

I am looking to sell VPS


  • FrankZFrankZ Moderator
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    Vultr, Digital Ocean, SmartHost

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  • AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud

    If it’s not broken, keep fixing it until it is. Blink twice if you agree.

  • Azure, LunaNode, RamNode, iwStack

    Note that if you just buy a regular VPS and intend to sell it on, you need to figure out how you're going to let people control it (reinstall, power off etc.) without access to your control panel. You also need to clear it with the provider otherwise an abuse complaint due to one of your customers could potentially take down everyone.

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