**VPS Nothern or Central Europe** and **Egypt**

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Location: Sweden / Finland / Netherlands / Germany / Poland / and separtely Egypt
CPU: vcore 1 or 2 / KVM ;
RAM: DDR4-DDR5: 2Gb / 4Gb max ;
SDD: RAID10 please specify ;
OS: Debian 12 server / Ubuntu 22.10 minimal ;
Guaranteed speed for VPS : 850-1000Mbts / 1Gbts ;
Trasfer to / from VPS, monthly: 2 - 4 Tb shall be allowed ;
Terminal + access via SSH: mandatory, by hosting provider ;
Control panel: 3rd party, unrestricted ;
SSL certificate: 3rd party, unrestricted,
Content: no attempt of censouring; images of death are possible ;
Duration: 6 months / 1 year
Payment: SEPA for EUR / card processor
Paypal, Stripe, Bitcoin card processors are excluded;
Card processing via stripe.com service is possible, if the "stripe" link contains full data of the card processor without the mandatory registration.
Trial: 48 hours without the obligation to pay
Alternative to free trial: duration 3 days, for 1.00 EUR/USD charge, full root access.

If the commentator is unable to provide the prove of the experience in the hosting services, kindly ignore to comment.
Not for Baltics.

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