In Only Three Days, New Linux Kernel Source Commits Run Live on Fedora Rawhide!

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Have you seen how and when new Linux kernel source commits appear in your distro and run on your server? :)

Shown below is uname -r command line terminal output telling us the name and the release of the kernel which currently is running on our Fedora Rawhide install. Note the Git short hash, "4f9e7fa".

The screenshots following the uname -r output show the Fedora build and the Linux kernel source commit history. The Fedora build is on Koji, the Fedora build system. The Linux kernel commit history is shown on Github.

On the Koji screenshot, the identical short hash, "4f9e7fa", appears on the "Information for build" line at the top, and again, a few lines down, in the "Release" line.

On the Git screenshot, "4f9e7fa" appears again, and is shown highlighted, towards the bottom.

The uname -r output, the Git commit history, and the Koji history, taken together, show that the Linux kernel, as built by Koji, is running on our server only three days following the commit.

[not_oles@e3 ~]$ date
Mon Aug 28 12:10:15 AM UTC 2023
[not_oles@e3 ~]$ sudo dnf5 upgrade
[sudo] password for not_oles: 
Updating and loading repositories:
Repositories loaded.
Nothing to do. # New install doesn't need an update. 
[not_oles@e3 ~]$ uname -r
6.5.0-0.rc7.20230825git4f9e7fabf864.54.fc40.x86_64 # Note the "4f9e7fa".
[not_oles@e3 ~]$ 

Here's on Koji.

And here's on Github.

I hope everyone gets the servers they want!

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  • Truly bleeding edge, sir!

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    The all seeing eye sees everything...

  • running on our server only three days following the commit.

    @Not_Oles - you don't have a tech background, do you? :p

  • Gentoo has a package named sys-kernel/linux-next which will actually use Git to pull in the latest commit from the linux-next repository, for when you really want to cut yourself on the bleeding edge!

    There's also a sys-kernel/git-sources package which only has the mainline release candidate versions, where you can be a little more confident that you won't run into a data eating filesystem bug...

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  • Not_OlesNot_Oles Hosting ProviderContent Writer

    Hi @matthews!

    Welcome to LES!

    Thanks for the useful and interesting tips about Gentoo packages sys-kernel/linux-next and sys-kernel/git-sources!

    I have enjoyed using Gentoo several times over the years. I am guessing that you might be the Matthew who is a Gentoo Developer. If my guess is right, thank you also for your contributions to Gentoo!



    I hope everyone gets the servers they want!

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