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Dear LES

We are excited to introduce our latest limited-time offer, exclusively for you. At C1V Hosting, we understand the importance of providing you with the best hosting solutions, and now, we're going the extra mile.

Introducing our Special Hosting Package:

Virtual Server Specifications:
2 vCore CPU
20GB HDD Storage
10TB @ 250 Mbps Bandwidth
100Gbps Anti-DDoS Protection
Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6 Network

Payment Options:
Instant Bank Transfer
Ethereum (ERC-20)

Special Price: €9,00/year VAT included
Contact us via private message to secure your package today.

Hurry! This offer is valid until September 8, 2023.

Additional Options (VAT included):

BGP Session: €3,00/year
SIIX Peering Port: €2,00 one-time fee
/48 IPv6 Subnet: €2,50/year
1vCore CPU Add-On: €3,00/year (max 1vCore)
1GB RAM Add-On: €2,00/year (max 1GB)
1Gb Internet port Add-On: €2,50/year
10GB Disk Space Add-On: €1,00/year (max 10GB)

Common Question: Is the VPS LXC or KVM?
Answer: It comes with LXC virtualization. If you prefer KVM, simply place a ticket after your order, and we'll assist you in converting it.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your hosting experience with C1V Hosting.

Thank you for choosing C1V Hosting.

Warm regards,
Luca Marini
Chief Commercial Officer
C1V Hosting

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