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Hello LES,

I got another batch of new hardware delivered to Singapore few weeks ago and have decided to repeat some of the preorder specials. The original deal was published in January 2023 and reports say things have been working superb for everyone :)

These Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ KVM Virtual Servers are Deployed Instantly now πŸ—²

KVM Virtual Server Control Panel

NVME-KVM-4GB (Singapore)

4 GB RAM (Dedicated)
2 CPU Core(s) AMD EPYCβ„’ 7003
60GB NVMe (Raid10)
1 x IPv4 + IPv6
Windows Support++
2 TB transfer per month @ 10gbps
48-hour refund policy
Order - $50 per year

See All plans upto 16GB - KVM Virtual Servers - Windows Supported
(57% discount for ~50 new Orders~ on annual/semi-annual commitment using coupon CLVUWQ67G9F0J )

πŸ‘‰ Notes

All nodes are connected to 10Gbps uplinks and use enterprise grade SSDs in RAID1 / 10
CPU : AMD EPYCβ„’ 7003 Series
Nested Virtualization Enabled
Full rDNS support
Many ready-to-install OS Templates: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RockyLinux, AlmaLinux, Windows 2019/2022 (byol)
Custom ISO , VNC and RDP support (windows)
Server location - Singapore
Servers are unmanaged
Terms of Service
Acceptable Use Policy
Looking Glass:

πŸ‘‰ Payment Methods

Crypto - BTC / USDT / XMR and many other Altcoins.
All cards - processed using Stripe 3D Secure
PayPal Payments
Razorpay - UPI / Card / Netbanking etc.
promo pricing valid on annual and semi-annual plans using coupon CLVUWQ67G9F0J , restocked for max 50 uses

πŸ‘‰ FAQs

Do you allow anonymous signup using proxy/vpn ?
Yes we allow VPN / proxy orders for dedicated IP services listed above.

What is the ETA for provisioning ?
Plans listed above are Deployed Instantly now πŸ—²

Do you offer refunds?
We allow a 48 hour return period after activation of order. Full refunds are now supported.

Do you own your hardware?
Yes we use our own hardware in Singapore location.

I have an existing account but cannot login to my billing dashboard
if you have existing services with us they are still accessible on our old portal(
We are working on a plan to migrate these old services to new portal in future.
Meanwhile one can create a new account for ordering plans listed above.

If you have any questions, please let me know in this thread, via PM or Ticket!

Kindest regards!




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