help me choose between domain .com or .store which one is better?

hello Les,
I brought domains for my business
"" and ""

which one is better?
which one should I really use?

I kind of doubting the reputation of the .store domain but it is short compared to
what is your opinion?


com vs store
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  • Personally, I would get both.

    Use the .com for the main/actual website and redirect the .store :smiley:

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  • If it's for retail, I think .store is a suitable domain. For everything else you may find a matching domain in the new endings.

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  • Go for shorter domain name and choose infraused tld. I got 2 letters domain paying premium price. But not excessive price for it. Just check the list of tlds in namesilo or in another similar page and find a nice option from them . my 2 cents

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  • @Amadex said:

    This isn't chat vote.

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  • Only 3 letters shorter and Renewal price cheaper .com

    If your something is not 5 letters or less, I Will go to Dotcom

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  • Why not both? You are asking if you like to have one cake, or another cake... Why not both cakes? It is soothing on the stomach, brings happiness in life and fullfillment. :relieved:

  • FlorinMarianFlorinMarian Hosting Provider

    I think ".com" will be ranked better on search engines than .store, at least this is visible with the naked eye when you search for certain companies, almost all of them have generic extensions.

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  • Everyone loves com

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  • Go with .com, I never liked these tlds: .stores , .site , .club, etc..
    I never navigate on sites who holds those tlds, it makes me cringe

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  • rootroot OG
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    Go with ".store". Technology evolves, including naming space over internet. The new TLDs are the future.

    One could also use both and have multiple stores.

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  • Buy both, use .store as the principal site, and redirect the .com to .store, just in case someone mistypes.

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  • Most people don't really care about TLDs, unless they are very unusual.
    In my opinion, the main domain should be .com. It has become dubious in recent years, but its prices are still stable.
    ngTLDs are overproduced and continue to disperse customers, so there is a significant risk that costs will increase in the future.

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  • "Both" should definitely be a voting option.

    Since the majority of people use .com by habit, even if you choose a .store domain for your main domain, you should always register the .com as well and redirect it to the .store domain to make sure you're not missing any traffic or confusing your visitors.

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  • I personally prefer you to choose the .com domain as .store domain names are still not familiar with people.
    So choose the best option wisely and all the very best for your success!

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  • .com can be anything but .store is mostly one thing

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