Scribbyo - a lifetime AI subscription?

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Scribbyo seems to be new on the AI market, but they offer a lifetime subscription already. This creates the question if anyone tried this service or if it's worth it.

At a first glance their website seems to be some standard template where designers did not even bother much to polish it (for example the "what they say" section has the same cards repeating over 4 pages). The website of company behind Scribbyo (Webmatia) is using sample texts on it - I guess is still under development?

For a company established in 2019 and an AI service launched in Spring 2023, I wonder if anyone tried it already.

If it works, don't fix it.


  • never heard of it. let's see what they offer..

    Scribbyo: Gold Plan
    80,000 words per month (Content & Chatbot)
    50 images (1024/1024) per month
    80,000 Characters per month (voice-over)
    90 Minutes per month (Transcription)
    AI Chatbot Enabled
    37 supported languages (Content generator)
    Tone of text control
    Creativity control
    Standard Templates (pre-built)
    PRO Templates (pre-built)
    Export in PDF, Word and Txt
    Email Support

    personally i don't think this is worth it as I'm unable to use the maximum they offered. when you pay for something, I'd imagine you want it to be a production-ready tool, so imo this is unwise to use as it's not really sustainable. there's always a chance they will and they can change the policy to whatever they want in the future.

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    Fuck this 24/7 internet spew of trivia and celebrity bullshit.

  • Based on their website, it seems they are jack of all trades but master of none.

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    I would be surprised if AI doesn't improve (or worsen, depending on how you are looking at it) exponentially.

    Hence, I see little sense in buying that unless you plan to use it over the following few months (and have a good buyer protection with your payment processor).

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    Only worth it for those that don't have the technical ability to DIY this.

    e.g. I literally posted on this forum how to do text generation:

    Same for the rest. Transcription...with modest skill you can get that up and running in half an hour

  • Lifetime until they go underground.. very recent domain too registered around 8 months ago
    Looks legit but who knows if it'll last

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