Birthday today! Time to try my luck once again.

So it’s my birthday today and haven’t really gotten myself anything. What’s better than getting another VPS to idle?

Seriously though I am looking for the following specs. I am keeping a broad range to keep it a bit flexible since I don’t want to spend much. However, I intend on using it my central hobby machine so it’s going to have everything I use apart from my jellyfin/seedbox setup.

  • 3-4 cores(beefier the CPU the better!)
  • 8 gigs or more of RAM
  • Now for the disk, it doesn’t have to be a SSD/NVME but a cached disk would be great. Looking for upwards of 400-500 gigs. Ideally 1TB but that might be difficult if I want to keep the cost low.
  • 1 x ipv4 and 1 x ipv6
  • 1 Gbps up and down. 10 Gbps would be dreamy.

Now the tricky part is the cost. I don’t think I’d like to spend more than about 100+-20 euros yearly. I know the price limit isn’t ideal that’s why the whole trying my luck. Thanks!

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Tagging some of my favourite providers that I can remember off the top of my head

Team push-ups!


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