Looking for UK VPS from EU-based company

Hi people,
I am looking for a VPS in the UK to host a PowerDNS and MySQL server.
I would like to work with a EU based company that has been operational for 5+ years.
My guess is that 2 GB DDR4 memory with 2 cores (shared should be fine if not too much overloaded) at 3.5+ GHz should do, and 20+ Gb. NVMe storage should work.

Who can make me an offer?
Quality first, price second.



  • +1 for Inception Hosting in the UK, solid offering at appealing prices (especially during offers)

  • inceptionhosting/zare/hydra comm are a reliable name, you should be good with them.

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  • AlphaVPS (aff) has services in the UK.

    Looking Glass: https://lguk.alphavps.com/

    They've been around for a very long time and are based in EU (BG).

    Non-aff link.

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    @SpeedyPage but is based in the UK as @InceptionHosting

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  • Thanks to all for the suggestion of Inception Hosting.
    I'll give them a shot...

  • I have some VPSes from folks in @Kuroit
    They are UK based and the quality of services is pretty good. Maybe they can help.

  • dfroedfroe Services Provider

    To throw in some more names of well-known and long established companies:
    OVH (FR) and UltraVPS.eu (DE).

    it-df.net: IT-Service David Froehlich | Individual network and hosting solutions | AS39083 | RIPE LIR services (IPv4, IPv6, ASN)

  • Since it's for a set of DNS servers, I want a spread over multiple AS-es.
    Already using OVH in France, so not using them in the UK.
    UltraVPS I'll have a closer look at.
    Thanks for the suggestion!

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