Need DMCA ignored VPS Server

Looking for some cheap DMCA ignored VPS Server
4gb ram
1Gbps Speed

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  • HostSlickHostSlick Hosting Provider

    Dedicated Server OK?

    Intel Xeon E5 2620v3
    6 cores, 12 threads @3,00Ghz turbo
    16GB DDR4 ECC
    2x 512GB SSD
    1Gbit - 100TB Banwdith (more possible upon order)

    60€ / month using COUPON ""B4JSO5MUJZ""

  • Want a smol edition:
    KVM / VZ7 / LXC
    20% average CPU usage on E5v3
    320MB RAM
    20GB SSD
    500GB monthly transfer on 50Mbps port
    NAT IPv4
    pubic tracker allowed
    downtime no more than 12 hours per month
    $12/year PayPal or credit card
    (can double budget for double RAM and SSD and monthly transfer)

    ServerFactory aff best VPS; GreenCloud aff avg VPS; VirmAche aff okish VPS; HostBrr aff best storage; ONIX best IXP; Huel aff best brotein.

  • @yoursunny said: $12/year PayPal or credit card

    Crypto? Calin does :)

    pushing buttons
    session: v

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