VPN Unlimited Keepsolid Lifetime VPN back on stacksocial for 20 days - 49,97$

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Just saw VPN Unlimited is back on Stacksocial for (supposedly) 20 days and at a "normal"/old price of roundabout 50$ (it's sold for 99$ or more on their official site these days).


VPN Unlimited Website: https://www.vpnunlimited.com/

I've been using VPN Unlimited since 2017 (iirc) and have been nothing but happy with them :D The device limit isn't as much of a problem these days as devices can be removed faster than back in the days (iirc; got 10 device limit, so almost never hit the limit). Their Linux GUI Client is also quite cool. Along with Windscribe one of the vpn providers with a native Linux client. They also turned 10 years the other day :D

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  • I've had their service for several years... Don't expect NordVPN speeds (I just tested - I got 200mbps with them on a local server and twice as much with NordVPN).

    The Wireguard stability seems to have improved... Back in the day the Wireguard server would go down days at a time and would often disconnect when it did work.

    I don't know if I'd recommend them.

  • actually expires June 4th 2024, their scripts just randomly keep changing the displayed one for FOMO

    just search for expiresAt in their source for the real expiry dates

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