Looking for low-cost seedbox dedicated servers

I need a seedbox dedicated server with 1GB bandwidth, at least 120TB traffic, and 2TB HDD. The budget is within $15. Currently, the only one I have found that meets the conditions is an OP i3-530 server. I would like to ask the forum if there are any better options.


  • rootroot OG
    edited November 14

    Server? Dedicated Server? Why would you ask that? Nowadays there are services configured precisely for torrenting and seedbox. Simply ask @PulsedMedia for an offer, or wait for Black Friday and grab an offer from them (but you have to be prepare yourself with coffee and be ready, because these sell really fast).

    If it works, don't fix it.

  • I noticed this is posted on several forums. Recommend checking out HostBrr NAT storage with IPv6 or waiting for Black Friday

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