Hetzner transfer: i9-9900K 128GB RAM 2 x 1TB NVMe FSN1-DC7 €48

Hetzner server for transfer that I am not using anymore:

  • Intel i9-9900K
  • 128GB RAM (4 x 32768 MB DDR4)
  • 2 x 1TB NVMe
  • FSN1-DC7
  • IPv4 is x.x.xx.xxx

Price is €48 per month not including IPv4 price.

YABS: https://yabsdb.com/yabs/jpZWt2yO

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    HostBrr aff best VPS.
    Unable to push-up due to shoulder injury 😣

  • u will make him burn money again.
    why not let the man make some from next Bfify day.

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    Hi @corbpie and @yoursunny and @ehab!

    Really nice of @corbpie to list the server! It's a really nice server and definitely worth the OP price of "€48 per month not including IPv4 price." Nevertheless, I just now found a couple of the same servers currently listed in the server auction for €40.70 monthly including the IPv4. The auction servers I found are still decreasing in price. One of them is in Helsinki and the other is in Falkenstein.

    If anybody gets one of these from the server auction, a good thing to check might be the age of the disks. Sometimes the disks are almost new. Other times, the disks can be well used. If the disks seem too well used, it's possible to cancel the server order and grab another server instead.

    Hope you guys all have a great day! Best wishes!


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    I hope everyone gets the servers they want!

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    / tread at OP's request

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