Ping issue

Hey Guys,
I have many servers, Different DCs, Locations, OS.
But whenever I run Ping, the result always starts/ends with** time 300xms or 30xxms**. idk what this is, but if anyone knows what's wrong or if this is any configuration issue, please let me know how I fix it—adding example images.

Proxmox Ubuntu VM-
Virtualizor- Alma Node:
Virtualizor- Ubuntu Node-

And it is not limited to Google IP or one IP, every IP I ping, I get the same result.
First post so forgive for any mistakes.


  • I don't see any problems with the screenshots. That "time 3000ms" thing is because there is a 1 second delay between 2 consecutive pings, so 4 pings equal 3 seconds (the total running time). To see the actual ping latency, which is probably what you are looking for, it's the "time" of each line, or the last line "rtt".

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    It's all working as intended.
    If there is any questions like that I would say to consult with man for an explanation of the program.
    Soo man ping would give you in depth information about ping and all related to ping.

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