[Transfer] HostHatch Sweden 1TB Storage VPS (sweet BF'22 promo)

consolidating stuff, I'm getting rid of a neat storage VPS by HostHatch, in Stockholm (Sweden, GleSyS datacenter IIRC). Too sweet to let it go to waste. It was a BlackFriday special deal, for US$61.75 recurring every 3 years.
Next payment is due on 2025-11-24, in about 2 years.

Specs: 1TB HDD / 1GB RAM / 1 EPYC core / 20TB bw at 1gbps (YABS, NS benchmarks)
Price for the ~2 years left: US$38 (and I swallow the $10 transfer costs).

PayPal payment. You need an existing HostHatch account (obviously =)).


  • This is a very decent offer and also on their new Raid-10 system (all Epycs are Raid-10 afaik). Unfortunately, a 3 year commitment, thus I'm out, but definitvely worth its price.

  • I don't know about their backend in Stockholm, but it works reasonably fine so far (I've had much, much worse storage VPS elsewhere, I won't name the host :3 ).
    The EPYC CPU is no raging beast but does the job, too.

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    Transfer in progress with jtk...

    ... and it's gone gone gone.


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  • I'm too late to the party :s

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