Best RSS Reader for Android? (with FreshRSS compatibility)

Does anyone have any input on some good clients worth trying out? Open source and FreshRSS compatible preferably.


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    Personally, I use Feeder

  • @skhron said:
    Personally, I use Feeder

    I use it too, great app.

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  • @don_keedic said:
    FreshRSS compatible preferably

    FWIW, check this list:

    However, I didn't try any of those, so can't provide any input.

  • My favorite is FeedMe

  • Inoreader.
    It is always the best RSS reader after Google Reader stopped service.
    No matter PC browser, iOS or Android.
    It's always so good.

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    I've been using TTRSS for over a decade. Yes, FOX is a dick. Yes, he won't help you when there is a problem. Yes, he'll make fun of you if you need help. Yes, he changes his mind about his tech stack and expects you to follow blindly. Yes, he tells you you're the problem when you encounter a problem.
    It's a great platform.
    And yes. I've been banned from his forum for calling him out on his shitty attitude. YOLO

  • @flips said:
    My favorite is FeedMe

    Should work with FreshRSS. I use it with BazQux.

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    Feedme is just an OK app with FreshRSS compatibility. Still looking for a better replacement. :#

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    @davider2016 said:
    Feedme is just an OK app with FreshRSS compatibility. Still looking for a better replacement. :#

    Yeah I'm still sorting through these. Seems the better quality ones (best integration - least fuss) are no longer under active development and the ones still under active development don't have the best UI and/or have a bunch of quirks. Blows my mind there isn't a go-to RSS reader for Android.

    Thank you all for posting up recommendations though! I'm just going to have to figure out which one is the least quirky and just roll with that.

  • I actually think FeedMe is really nice, better than fancier alternatives (Feeder, Feedly, InoReader, FlipBoard, NewsBoard etc). :innocent:

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