Core 4 Hardware Deals - January 2024 (Quad-Node EPYC Servers / 6.4TB SSDs / 12TB HDDs)

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Here are a few of our current deals on hardware for sale:

100x Quad-Node Dual EPYC Servers

We have 100x Gigabyte/Penguin Quad-Node, Dual-EPYC 7002 servers for sale!

We can adjust CPU/RAM/SSD/HBA config as you need. For example, can add NVMe SSDs, and remove the 100G cards and provide a discounted price.
PM or email me for bulk pricing.


  • H261-Z61 / XE2142 (2x NVMe + 4x SATA per node)
  • 8x EPYC 7702 64c (supports 7001/7002)
  • 64x 32GB 3200Mhz (512GB per node)
  • 4x CX542A DP 25G ConnectX-5 Mezz
  • 4x CX653105A SP 100GB ConnectX-6 FH PCIe
  • Dual PSU
  • Static Rails

Price: $12,500 each

Located in MN, will ship free in continental USA and global shipping calculated separately.


Spec Sheet

6.4TB Samsung NVMe 2.5" SSDs

6.4TB NVMe 2.5" SSDs in NEW condition - (200x available!)

  • Part Number: MZ-XLR6T40
  • Dual-branded HP / Samsung PM1735 U.3 NVMe
  • Supports 3 DWPD (Drive writes per day).

Price: $420 each
$415 each for Qty of 4+


12TB Western Digital SATA 3.5" HDDs

12TB Western Digital 7.2K 6GBPS SATA 512E 3.5" HDDs (125x available!)

  • Part Number: HUH721212ALE600
  • Tested with 100% Health
  • ~20k POH

Price: $95 each

Message me if interested! If you're looking for any other hardware (servers, network switches, HDDs, SSDs, etc.) feel free to ask.


Why should I buy from you?
I work with Core 4 Solutions in Minnesota, USA, where we specialize in reselling pre-owned & new Servers, Network Switches, HDDs, SSDs, and more. All pre-owned gear is thoroughly tested.

We also offer custom-built servers to your specs at very competitive pricing. If you're looking for a specific config, just ask and I'll quote it!

A lot of our stock is listed on eBay, but I can often get you better pricing if you reach out directly.

What items do you have in stock?
Our inventory of 80,000+ parts is constantly evolving, as new items arrive daily and many items sell out within a few months.

In general, we stock:

  • Servers (Dell, SuperMicro, Gigabyte, HP, etc.)
  • Switches (Arista, Juniper, Cisco, etc.)
  • HDDs / SSDs (all brands, all sizes)
  • Spare Parts / Components (Fans, PSUs, CPUs, GPUs, NICs, HBAs, Memory, etc.)

How much is shipping?
For most orders shipping within the US is free! There are some exceptions, such as when shipping a on a pallet to a location that does not have a loading dock.
International shipping can be quoted before ordering. Just ask!

Do you offer a Warranty?
Yes! We offer a 90 Day Warranty on Full server builds (with CPU, RAM, etc.). We offer a 30 Day Warranty on HDDs, SSDs, spare parts, and barebones/ partial build servers.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept wire transfer, paypal, credit card (via our portal). Wire Transfer is preferred as fees are less for us.

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