Sugguestions for providers

I struggled a lot checking providers offers, so here are some thoughts.

TL;DR Please provide IPv6 subnets, looking glass or speed tests with IPv6, clear traffic policy. And keep one webpage up-to-date.

  1. Looking glass and/or speedtests
    Most buyers don't care your DC's photos, but the actual ping/wget/iperf.
    OK w/o one, just put "No LG" or "No speed tests".

  2. IPv6
    IPv6 is the future. I personally wouldn't buy a server w/o IPv6 or a single /128. At least provide IPv6 info.
    In addition, please add IPv6 support for the looking glass and speed test, if you have them.

  3. Traffic/Bandwidth details
    Unlimited or fair use or unmetered traffic is just confusing. Define fair use. And with "unlimited" or "unmetered" traffic, do you cap port speed after some threshold? Personally I'd like to know the shared port speed and uncapped traffic limit, then capped port speed and hard capped traffic limit. Like 5TB on 1Gb, then 10TB/unlimited on 100Mb, or just plainly 10TB on 1Gb.

  4. Keep one or a few pages up to date
    Outdated webpages are everywhere, and knowledge bases are full of useless garbage. I know providers are busy, but please keep at least ONE page updated (likely FAQ), which might include looking glass / speed test links, retired plans, network providers, IPv6 status, CPU models, 1 vCPU ~= ?% dedicated core/thread, traffic policy details, notable prohibited uses (like porn, game, IRC, tor middle relay).

And congrats for my first post on LES.


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