HPE in talks to acquire Juniper for $13 Billion

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It looks like HPE is wanting to acquire Juniper Networks for $13 Billion. Interesting!


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    Now I am just sad. HP got 3COM in 2010, it did help on their products, but not so much.

    Truth is they do not have real routing devices, data-center stuff, the move makes sense, but god damn it, Junos. why not go for UBNT or TP-LINK, or Mikrokock.

    HP will find a way to mess this up in a few years, they always did.

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  • I liked their switches, and the fact that the firmware was also widely available. Selling to HPE sounds like a downgrade for the customers tbh

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    I broke up with HP the second they started to ask $ for bios updates on G9 and newer models. That was the last drop for me, I could live with the stupid LED candies they have, but asking $ for a bios update that brings fixes, improvements to a device already payed, does not seem fair.

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    Looks like it's official now. Juniper will be acquired for 14 Billion. Must be nice to negotiate an extra 1Bn in less than 24 hrs. :o


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    Well, I hardly wait to see the new shitty licensing HPE will implement.

    Who knows, I might be wrong.....

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    Juniper is ruined now
    It was a p good alternative to Cisco, but considering HPE and their practices, this is the end of an era.

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    The official acquisition comment:

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    It always ends in the ruin of many small capitalists, whose capitals partly pass into the hands of their conquerors, partly vanish.

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